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Heavy Fingers



                                                                                                                                                             NEW SHOW !


Musicians from Heavy Fingers are coming from the « Conservatoire de Lyon » and the International Music School in Paris.

Each of them following a soloist career, had the chance to meet and play all over France with : Martial Solal, Laurent Cugny, François Jeanneau, Henri Texier, Magik Malik, Alain Debiossat, Benny Golson… for the jazz music ; French popular singers as Maurane, Maxime Le Forestier, the L5, Mickaël Jones ; and Opéra de Saint-Etienne, Orchestre Lyonnais, Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain from Daniel Kafka… for classical mucic.

Since 2004, they have a musical and artistic role in the show « Comic Symphonique » from Marc Jolivet produced at the Olympia, at the Châtelet, at the Casino de Paris, at the Comédia and at the Pavillon Baltard (all French theaters in Paris).


Gérard GUIPONT :  producer

University studies in Paris and Rennes, collaboration on the films : « La puce à l’oreille », « Topaze », « Docteur Popaul ». With Françoise Gambey, they create the « Théâtre du Camaïeu », where he produced more than 20 plays. Currently managing the Cultural Center « le Radiant » in Caluire (near Lyon).


Stéphane BAQUET : artistic director

He is the son of Maurice Baquet and godson of the photographer Robert Doisneau. He starts acting at the age of 20, and then follows his father in the tours working as a assistant director (with French actors O. Py, P. Notte, P. Santini, M. Lonsdale, B. Fossey) . He also learns to be a lighting technician. In 1999 he starts as technical director in the « Théâtre La Luna » in Avignon, then he becomes artistic vice-director. In 2008, he starts a company theater to focus on artistic directory.


Jean-Pierre COHEN : sound technician

Awarded the  Prize at the « Conservatoire de Lyon » in Acousmatic. Diploma of sound technician/technical director from the GRIM in Lyon.  Has worked with the Palais des Congrès, France Télévision (public TV channel in France), Canal+ and TF1 (private TV channels in France), Euronews (the international channel for European Prospectives) and several  shows.


Alain PENET : lighting technician

Diploma of light engineering from the school Louis Lumière in Paris. Technical director of the French Cultural Center in Rwanda. Artistic activities in Radio France (public French radio) and FR3 (regional public television). Technical director for sound and lighting at the Opéra National de Lyon. Sound engineer and teacher of musical data processing at the Conservatoire de Lyon. Technical director (sound and lighting) of shows.



HEAVY FINGERS – 4 saxophonists, 4 unique personalities offering an original musical performance with a touch of humour throughout the show. A unique spectacle, where music lovers can listen to their favourite jazz compositions played by talented musicians who can also act ! The un-initiated will not only discover music full of harmony and surprises, but the opportunity for those who wish to take it, of smiling and laughing all along the show.The quartet, guided by the fantassy-filled direction of Gérard Guipont and Françoise Gambey, takes us through a series of tableaus, from flights of jazz to classical music, which naturally turns into hard rock, then waltz, from salsa to popular music… In a whirl, the quartet then whisks us off into the world of the circus, with clowns, horses, animal trainers and why not add the spirit of the fun fair to this magical moment ?

Let’s share one more part of the journey ; a few more surprises still to discover and the show is already finished.

The musicians give us a real musical and theatrical performance, interpreting their own compositions alongside famous well-honour jazz standards, with such brio and energy that people of all ages will leave the show full of cheerfulness and good humour.


Casting :


Director : Gérard GUIPONT and Françoise GAMBEY

Artistic Director : Stéphane BAQUET

Light : Alain PENET

Sound : Jean-Pierre COHEN

Music : Heavy Fingers

Production manager : Nadine FIORDA



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